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An open letter

To the couple in room 1101 at the Doubletree in downtown Omaha, at around 2am Sunday morning:

Damn, I hope it was even half as good as it sounded, ‘cause it sounded GOOD. Tell me, did I wake up at the beginning of it or halfway through? ‘Cause it sounded like a marathon to me, in every position imaginable. You there – the guy – you can last a loooong time can’t you? Nice. Very nice. She likes the spanking, I take it. Nothin’ wrong with a little smack on the ass every now and then. I like it myself occasionally. Did you confine yourselves to just the bed, or did you use any of the other furniture in the room? Or maybe perform a little exhibitionism at the window overlooking the city? 'Cause that's a great view with a sturdy window pane. Tell me, were you at the bar the night before with everyone else? I'm dying to know! You clearly weren't at the breakfast buffet the next morning, judging from the "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging on your door. Wimps. We were down at breakfast with the family at 9am like it weren’t no thang. Well anyway, glad you had a good time and thanks for the free aural porn. ;D
Cheers. *raises glass*

Love 'n' spanks,
The couple in room 1103 at the Doubletree in Omaha
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