Mark emotions so strong (darklimelight) wrote in ihateomaha,
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them whores have no class.

you bitches have no idea how good it makes me feel that there are others like me who hate omaha
i went and lived in omaha most of my life i fucking wanted to kill my self every time i thought of it. i hate bright eyes all that emo bull shit is for homos and pussy boys
i just moved to chicago and i feel a great stress is released off my back
oh and fuck burke high school those mother fuckers fucked me up for life.
death to omaha i will watch it burn
the hardest queer on the block
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lol, stay cool man
So, what's wrong with omaha? my mom would ask. What ISNT wrong with omaha. Everyone thinks theyre all badass with their stupid letter jackets at burke. The weather ALWAYS sucks. its sweltering in the summer and freezing in the winter. Its never comfortable? Everyone in the city is fucking stupid, the school systems smother you, unlike colorado, where i grew up, with mountains, nice weather and people i could actually talk to. Everyone in omaha thinks its a big, fun city because it has 2 tall buildings. Im sick of looking at those stupid buildings! I want to go back to colorado. I need to get the fuck out of this hellhole!!!!!!
I went to Burke and I remember you. I live in Chicago now too and love it although I don't hate Burke as hard as u do.


September 10 2007, 20:46:52 UTC 9 years ago

I went too Burke too and I also remember you. Maybe the fact that you were methed out half the time had something to do with wanting to kill youself. I seriously can't remember a time where you didn't look fucked up off some drug. We had many mutual friends as well so I'm not just saying this off random observaitons.

I hate Omaha too but man you people are really lame



October 28 2009, 00:00:45 UTC 7 years ago

you are talking fucking high school....lighten up Francis. If you judge Omaha based off of Burke HS, you are an idiot...then again, your post confirmed this anyway. Have fun with the gangs and hate crime in Chi-town.