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I Concur

Dear Omaha,

How much do I hate thee? Let me count the ways in no particular order...
  1. You are pretentious enough to have a Fashion Week.  Are you kiddin' me? Paris. Milan. Omaha!?! Puhleeze...
  2. You spent millions of dollars on a pedestrian bridge while you turn your backs on one of the poorest black communities in the country.
  3. Lee Terry.
  4. Excessive force from the OPD consistently being "investigated" and "excused".
  5. The Old Market on weekends and the drunk bitches and frat boys who prowl, puke and piss on it.
  6. That hag who runs the Jackson Street Bookseller. I wonder if she's ever read 'Sybill'?
  7. Saddle Creek Records. "We only record our friends". Hey, newsflash: your friends are a bunch of fucking whiners. Stop recording them.
  8. The Clones west of 72nd.
  9. The Clones in Dundee.
  10. Mayor Mike Fahey's big fat face.
  11. The Reader.
  12. The City Weekly.
  13. The World Herald.
  14. Westside Church and that greedy bastard of a head pastor. I've waited on him. God must be turning over in her grave...
  15. The roads! C'mon, I shouldn't get so attached to potholes that I start naming them for Chrissakes!!
Whew. That's all I got for now. But tomorrow's another day (that is unless the Mother Ship finally comes for me).

Hatefully yours,

Angry Timmy
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