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Can't win for losing??

I have been fortunate enough to live in other metro markets, and am besides myself in Omaha. Questions I continue to ask:

Why do I pay close to 3% on personal property taxes for my home when I paid no more than 1% in other metro markets (better ones) and in good parts of those markets?? Think about the amount that means! Based upon a $200,000 home: Omaha: $6,000/yr versus 1% markets: $2,000/yr. That's a $4k difference (~$333/mnth)?!?!?! or $300,000 home: Omaha: $9,000/yr versus 1% markets: $3,000/yr. That's a $6k difference ($500/mnth)?!?!?!?!

Where does that money go? It surely doesn't go to the roads, or the schools (versus other metros). The roads are rough, and stay that way. When they do decide to attempt a repair on a road, it takes between 2 weeks and a month (for 200 feet of roadway). I cannot understand why a portion of the road is torn-up, then blocked for a week, then 10 people show up with 9 watching 1 clean the area, then wait another several days (still with the road blocked off) to begin re-asphalting the road. Again, 12 people now with 2 doing work. In other metro markets, the work gets done; period! They even work overnights to make sure there is as minimal amount of disruption to the residents. NOT HERE! It is the absolute opposite. I now have a project that was started 4 weeks ago close to where I live: they dug 5 large holes (CenturyLink) and then left them. They left the mounds of dirt blocking sidewalks and partial roadways, and then set-up signs around these areas. People have to walk into the road to get around them (dangerous) and drivers have to drive around at least 1 of these, and then avoid pedestrians that are forced off of the sidewalks and into the road. This was 4 weeks ago that they drilled these holes, and nothing has been done since. There was another part of our subdivision (in Omaha) that the road was torn-up (~12 feet worth). It was torn-up, blocked off and then left for close to 2 weeks before the work was to be completed. Then they did the other side of the road, this time just over a week (24 feet in over 3 weeks).

Taxes on vehicles purchased are assessed on the devaluation from the MSRP, not based upon the purchase price of the vehicle. And if you sold a vehicle, there is no tax credit for what you sold that vehicle for. (Bought a vehicle for 20k, paid taxes on that MSRP devauled amount, and then sold it for 15k year later. If not sold to where you purchased the next 20k vehicle, you pay the full amount, not the amount less the 15k assessed). GOTCHA AGAIN!!

If a cop jumps out of the bushes and catches you speeding, walks to the middle of the 5 lane road to wave you into a subdivision for his trap, you can expect that the DMV & their "Safety Council" will get it out of you. With the START or STOP class, you can have the judge assign that to you, buy it will still hit your insurance. What's the benefit outside of keeping a couple of points off of your DL. If it hits your insurance, what was the point to spend the money and wasted time with the "Safety Council"? Talk to the women upstairs at that place and they will yank you around until it is too late to have it done within the time you think it is supposed to be done, and for any benefit.

Want an alarm system on your home? You better be ready to apply for a permit...EVERY YEAR! Move to another home, gotta do it all over again, and pay the amount all over again! If not, the alarm going off in your home will not get a response from authorities. ADT, or whomever your carrier is, will be wasting that call to police/fire/etc on your behalf if you did not apply & pay for your permit.

There is no easy/direct route from West Omaha to downtown. Why has this not been corrected yet?

Where is any culture in Omaha?

I miss real metro markets, and will likely change that sooner-than-later. It is not only that this is a very vanilla & boring metro, it has state laws that are ludicrous! If you are from here, I can't blame you as you may just not know better. If you aren't from here, you likely will not be staying. If you are moving here because of a great offer from a company, do everything you can to look for turn-over ratios. Don't think that you can simply suck-it-up for 'x' time, realize that there are other factors that can burn you.
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